Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What if my child was absent for Picture Day?

Don’t worry, there is another opportunity for your child to be photographed on MISSED PICURE DAY. This will also be scheduled by the school and is usually scheduled a few weeks after the original picture day. Check back on our page or the school’s web page to see updated dates for Missed Picture Day.

Q. Do we get to see the pictures before we order?

Yes, you get to view the images of your child before buying. When you register your child in our system, we will send you an email or text message letting you know your images are ready to view. Our website is mobile friendly for quick and easy viewing.

Q. How do I view my child’s pictures?

We have two ways of doing this. 1. Your child will be given a card to bring home that has a unique QR code/link to their gallery of pictures. Scan this with your smart phone or enter the link in your web browser and register your information there. OR 2. Visit and click on “Order School & Sports Pictures” and it will take you our event page where you can select what school your child attends and then register to see the images that way.

Q. When will the photos be shipped?

Approximately 2 weeks after you place your order online, your photos will be shipped to the address you provide.

Q. What if I don't like my child’s photos?

We hope this isn't the case, since we take several images of them for you to choose from, but if it is, there is still Missed Picture Day to have the photo taken again.

Q. What if I don’t want to order online?

We are a local company so you are welcome to stop by our store and pay cash for your pictures.

Q. What if I forgot to order or missed the deadline?

No problem. You can still order the photos. There may be a late fee charge added if its months past the deadline.


If there are any questions please call Blosser's at 574-267-5400 or email us at